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Leerdams Artists Collective


The Leerdams Artists Collective Foundation is making progress in the field of art in Leerdam.


Creativity should be nurtured and encouraged!

The board of the foundation consists of Sylvia Bosch  and Ton Swiderski.

Our shared passion for art brought us together.

There is a lot of talent in Leerdam. Glass art has always been heavily promoted in Leerdam, but other art forms are hardly or not at all.

There are almost no exhibition places for art. As a foundation, we want to change that.

We organized an art manifestation in Leerdam ten times, including 7 times the annual Leerdam Art Four Days

which we, and many with us, look back on with great pleasure.

The event where we offered creative artists, musicians and dancers a stage ran like clockwork and got bigger every year.

Then the Municipality of Leerdam got involved.

We were forced to have an exhibition theme and we had to work together with certain people.

Because we had the feeling that the event was no longer 'our' event, we decided to stop the Leerdamse Kunstvierdaagse.

We are now organizing for the 4th time "The Leerdam Art Competition" and the Open Aterlier Day in the spring.

Our 2 monthly free digital art magazine Passe-Partout, (former Kunststsof Magazine) is also entering its ninth year and the number of readers is growing steadily.

We will continue to organize artistic activities. If we stop, there will be nothing left for creative Leerdammers to look forward to

and we won't let that happen. Creativity should be nurtured and encouraged. Our events are usually free or so accessible that it is

everyone is affordable to participate.

Our foundation is dependent on sponsors such as van der Wal interior consultants in Leerdam and for the financing of the events

De Kwast, specialist shop for artists and hobby in Den Bosch.

Friends of our foundation donate 10 euros annually.

We could use a lot of new friends............... Maybe you want to become our friend ?

Then transfer 10 euros to our account.

The number is NL 82 RABO 0167177400 in the name of Stg LKC. Our thanks are great!

e-Mail:    sylviabosch@leerdamskunstenaarscollectief.nl

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